Mindfulness, Ethical Consumerism and Sustainability Resources

Mindfulness is all about being aware of our thoughts and feelings and meeting them with compassion and non judgement. I truly believe developing strong mindfulness is the first step to becoming more empathetic and compassionate towards external situations, people, animals, plants and the planet, i.e. living ethically!

This is my open journal full of thoughts on life. I talk about ideas I am currently reflecting on in hopes of sparking conversations and encouraging you as we grow. And hopefully we’ll get a few laughs in there too!

Here you can expect to find:

  • Spiritual discussions
  • Definitions of humane, ethical, sustainable, etc
  • Mindfulness tips and tools
Gillnet cuts into sea lion as it grew around the net. Not a sustainable fishing method.

Biggest Fish in the Sea pt. 1: “Complete Guide to Sustainable Fishing Techniques”

Caption: Quote from Marine Photobank- "Hundreds of thousands of sea lions and other wildlife become entangled in gillnets and other ...
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New Year's resolutions. Are they a waste of time?

Are New Year’s Resolutions a Waste of Time? 5 Reasons People Fail at New Year’s Resolutions

So we are in week three of the New Year and according to Static Brain, New Year's Resolutions usually start dropping off ...
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sustainable businesses for ethical consumers

5 Tips for Becoming an Ethical Consumer

If you read my other blog post ethical consumerism and why it matters, then you may have clicked on the ...
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Interviews and Conversations

What is Ethical Consumerism and Why Does it Matter?

*This post is the essence of this blog and it means a lot that you are taking the time read what I wrote ...
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basil, earth

Living in balance with Mother Earth

Get Cultured Ktchn The other day I was reading a book by Tom Robbins called Skinny Legs and All. Albeit ...
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